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Products to cleanse, nurture and protect your baby. Help your baby get the best start in life with plant-based products you can trust. One of the reasons it's so important to take extra care is that babies are more vulnerable to any harmful effects of the chemicals used in baby products as their skin is thinner than an adults and the protective barrier of their skin is not fully developed.

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  1. Baby Oil Sale

    Baby Oil

    Gentle baby oil that moisturises and softens baby's skin. Perfect for baby massage and also suitable for mums. 125ml. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $4.99

  2. Baby nappy balm Sale

    Baby nappy balm

    A soothing balm for nappy rash, cradle cap and other skin conditions with active Horopito (NZ plant) extract to nourish and protect your baby's skin. Fragrance free. 60ml. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $5.00

  3. Baby shampoo

    Baby shampoo

    A nourishing shampoo to gently cleanse baby's fine hair and sensitive scalp, retaining the moisture and leaving it soft, shiny and protected. 200ml. Learn More

  4. Baby body wash

    Baby body wash

    Gently cleanse and condition your baby's skin with our lavender & geranium baby body wash; a mild alternative to soap. 200ml. Learn More

  5. Baby sleepytime bath

    Baby sleepytime bath

    A soothing plant-based infusion with a gentle blend of lavender and geranium oils to add to your baby's bath water. 200ml. Learn More

  6. Baby moisturiser

    Baby moisturiser

    A nourishing blend of olive, jojoba and coconut oils in a shea butter base to soften and condition baby's skin, protecting them from dryness and irritation. 200ml. Learn More

  7. Bubble bath

    Bubble bath

    Healthier bubbles with no unnecessary chemicals are much better for your kids and just as much fun! Learn More
    Price From: $8.99

  8. Baby soap

    Baby soap

    Our gentle soap will cleanse your baby without damaging or breaking down oils from the protective layer in their skin. 80g boxed soap. Learn More

  9. Baby Care Gift Pack

    Baby Care Gift Pack

    An assortment of gentle baby care products to cleanse, nurture and protect your baby. The Baby Care Gift Pack contains:
  10. Baby Body Wash 200ml
  11. Baby Sleepytime Bath 200ml
  12. Baby Bubble Bath 500ml
  13. Baby Nappy Balm 60ml
  14. Baby Soap 80g ...all packed in a sturdy gift box made from recycled cardboard, featuring artwork by John Reynolds. Limited packs available, while stocks last. Learn More

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9 Item(s)

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