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Our Story

Find out who we are, where we came from and how we want to make a difference
ecostore story

Malcolm Rands started ecostore with his wife Melanie in their home in an eco-village in New Zealand in 1993. They’d been using sustainable and organic gardening practices on their property for many years but realised they were still being exposed to way too many toxic chemicals through the cleaning and body care products they were using. As a result, ecostore was born.

We believe that healthier products shouldn’t have to cost more which is why our products are economically concentrated. This means a little really goes a long way, saving you money by cutting down significantly on cost per use.

Advances in eco science and technology mean that you don’t have to expect less from healthier products in terms of the way they perform. To make sure our products meet the highest standards they are independently tested to perform as well as the leading brand alternative.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. Almost all ecostore products are made in our CarboNZero, ISO 14001 and Enviromark Diamond certified factory in Auckland.

We list the ingredients of every product on our labels (even when not required to, as is the case with cleaning products). We do this so our customers can easily identify and research every ingredient which is particularly important for anyone with allergies.

ecostore is available nationwide in Australia at health food stores, independent supermarkets and Woolworths and we are committed to making it easy and pleasurable for you to make a difference!