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 Our Testimonials 

At ecostore your health comes first.
We aim to use plant and mineral based ingredients from renewable resources that are safer and healthier for you and your family. Over the past twenty years, we've had many letters from our customers saying their eczema, dermatitis and allergies have improved or disappeared altogether since making the switch to healthier ecostore products and we're very happy to share some of these here with you:

“I promised my husband we'd switch back if he noticed any difference in the efficacy of products but we've never looked back. We use only ecostore products for laundry, dishwashing & soaps, including baby soaps.” 
Wendy (AU)

"My granddaughter aged 11 has suffered from eczema since birth. Many chemicals later she is now clear of the embarrassing lesions on her fingers and body, thanks to your products. Two weeks after changing to your washing powder there was a huge improvement in her skin and now 6 weeks later she has been healed." 
Judy (NZ)

"Your hand wash has saved my skin. With my baby, I'm constantly washing my hands and my hands were scaly, red and dry. Now my hands are completely healed."
Melissa (AU)

"I first tried your light Body Lotion because I attended a Business Chicks Networking breakfast in Brisbane and there was a full size in the bag. Normally I throw out little samples but thought I'd at least try it! Wow, I love that stuff it soaks in right away and leave my skin silky smooth. I've never really liked lotion a lot because living in QLD you feel hot and greasy with most…. not yours, Thanks!"
Amy (AU)

"Well my husband decided to give me a shirt the day before a wedding and asks me to remove an in ground stain, of coffee ! It was washed by him previously after a long time in the closet!! Haha I said leave it to me! So i made a paste using about a tablespoon of your amazing product, ' Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover !' spread it on the stain , left it for around 30 minutes, then in the machine with your laundry liquid, and voila!! Stain gone!! We love all your products, they are so good, safe, and appreciate all that you do to make our planet safe! Thank you so much!"
Liza (AU)

"I have been using your washing powder for a few months now and I so impressed with it. As I suffered with chronic fatigue for many years I 'm very aware of all the toxic chemicals in products … and I can honestly say yours is superior to all the rest I've used."
Sherrie (AU)

"I rarely write emails thanking companies for producing such great products but after now using your top loader laundry powder for the last few months I have found my clothes to be cleaner, no reaction or itching with my skin or sneezing."
Tiffany (AU)

"You have made mine and my 3 year old sons life so much better! He suffers from many allergies and with this has ezcema. The ezcema had been so bad, he was constantly scratching himself raw and waking through the night because he was so itchy. I switched to your washing powder and it was like magic, his skin is now so clear and hardly any need for prescribed creams! I really need to switch to hand wash and try the body wash for him too. Thanks so much for such an awesome product. Have just put my aunty onto your products as she has suffered ezcema all her life. From one very happy Mum :)."
Jaime S. (NZ)

"As an allergy sufferer, it has been almost impossible to find products especially for using on my face. I like to use your soap first, then your moisturiser at night to cleanse, and find both your coconut or goats milk soaps perfect! Thankyou for producing this wonderful range that I can use with confidence because it's chemical free!"
Lisa (NZ)

"I love ecostore because their philosophy is rock solid. I know I can trust them to pick up any product in their range and it will be good to my family."
Laney (AU)

"Recently tried your dishwasher tabs after being unhappy with the chemical residue the finish power tabs left all over my babies bottles! WOW I have never been so impressed with a product. Your product cleans the bottles without scratching and everything else perfectly. Even the inside of my dishwasher is sparkling!"
Rachel (AU)

"I am blown away by your conditioner. For years, my hair has been dry and unmanageable. It tangles at the slightest movement, and looks dull and ratty. One use of your conditioner has left it glossy, smooth and full of body. I had no idea what people used to mean by ""body"" until now. There is no greasy residue when I get out of the shower, and my husband and both my sisters have commented on how nice my hair smells - not perfumed, but clean! Best of all, eight hours later, my hair is still tangle-free!"
Dominique (NZ) 

"I recently purchased some ecostore products at my local New World store, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, hand wash, laundary powder and dish liquid. I have done hairdressing for over 30 years, used many shampoo and conditioners but yours stands out! My hair is so shiny and soft, even though it is coloured. They smell great too, not over powering perfume smell, just lovely rich earthy, natural smells!"
Carla (NZ)

If you have a testimonial you'd like to share with us, please get in touch.